Through our conversations with female C-suites, psychologists, neuroscientists, entrepreneurs, wellness practitioners, coaches and other leaders we have distilled our learnings into key shifts we need to operate in a world of uncertainty, create more fulfillment and become limitless. 

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Other example workshops include:

- to see possibilities, be resilient and more creative.
Empowered Power vs. Aggression and Force
- to be collaborative, humble, and more centered
Imperfectionism vs. Imposter Syndrome and Judgement
- to accept failure, be okay with uncertainty and more transparent
Meaningful Purpose vs. Lack of Engagement and Fulfillment
-to feel inspired, engaged and energized
Holistic Balance vs. Burn Out and Stress
-to have priorities, set boundaries, and be more productive

Shifts in mindset needs to happen at the individual level (me) as well as the system level (we).


We hold interactive workshops around each subject for groups of 25-100 people for 3 hours each for our members as well as organizations.


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